The Ford Ranger


The big ute is a very competent offroader with plenty of technology to take make the job easier in the hi-spec Wildtrack that Nicky drive's, including downhill descent control that keeps the vehicle’s forward momentum in check even in arduous off road conditions. No need to touch the brakes - even during steep descents.

Ground clearance varies from 201 to 237mm in the Wildtrack and it has a wading depth of between 600 and 800mm out of the box, with a cleverly designed system to jettison any water that manages to enter the engine. 

Which makes the ford ranger stand when dealing with remote destinations trying to catch the big fish. the Ados addicted to fishing ranger fitted with a locking rear differential while others feature an open rear differential with traction control. 

Maximum payload varies from 1000 to 1528kg while it can tow between 2200 and 3500kg, both dependent on model. Ford Ranger has proven to be the best all round off road vehicle, not to mention a perfect fit together with our Extreme 795 and Northland Boating trailer.