Kelvin 'KC' Cruickshank

You may have seen Kelvin Cruickshank before, you may have read one of his 9 best selling books or watched him on Sensing Murder a few years back.

Kelvin to date has worked in the UK, Japan, Italy, Vanuatu, Rarotonga, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, all of Australia and currently tours NZ with live shows and also works with a homicide unit in Los Angeles USA.

His job has seen him return two missing people to their families here in NZ. His work in the USA is on-going, helping many victims and their families be reunited after such horrific endings to their lives.

This takes a toll on Kelvin with his only sanity break being fishing.

His love and passion for the ocean KEEPS IT “REEL” for KC where he can switch off while enjoying the sea and all that it has to offer.

He has a NZ snapper record under his belt and holds the current Whangoroa Sports Fishing Club record for a Blue Marlin weighing 332kg caught in 2017.

KC has also been the captain of a NZ team in 2014 at the Marlin Billfish Classic tournament in Kona, Hawaii.

His experiences of working on game fishing charter boats when he was younger both in NZ and overseas kick started his love for marlin and sword fishing along with respecting his clients whilst out at sea.

Kelvin is a qualified Chef by trade making him even more valuable once the fishing is over.

KC started fishing from an early age with his Grandfather and his uncles, over the years KC was always found in or near the water wether he was spear fishing, fly fishing for kahawai and king fish or fishing from his homemade kayak, he was in his element.

As a teenager his day would start off fishing from the rocks followed by a dive. He would carry all his equipment around the base of Mount Maunganui and spend the entire day hunting big fish, crayfish along with shellfish.

This of course was an everyday thing for him over the summer holidays.

KC also has a passion for fly fishing, with his largest his trout to date being 24 pounds, which he released after a taking few pictures.

He would often free dive the lakes and rivers in the Rotorua district where he was living to clean out the rubbish and collect the lures others had lost. In his words “its a way of giving back”.

KC now resides in the beautiful BAY OF ISLANDS, after fishing up north for so long he decided it was time to live next to the sea and for the past 10 years has been doing just that.

KC’s main passion is catching friends and family their firsts… first 20 pound snappers, first marlin, and first swords. The adrenaline is overwhelming when he can give that experience to others, he is always super pumped.

The numbers of firsts KC has been able to share with people is staggering, but ask him and he will always play it down. That’s KC, a down to earth kiwi fishing and hunting type of guy.