Season 3

Episode 1

Kicking off the new season Nicky travels more than 400 nautical miles to the holy grail of fishing, The Wanganella Banks. Featuring legendary fisherman Toby Brasting and XOS yellowfin.

Episode 2

Ados hits the South Island as Nicky fishes with 5th generation fisherman Brendan McCauley. He shows Nicky the ropes in the sunshine capital of NZ, the stunning Peloris Sounds in the Marlborough region. They come across a huge variety of South Island marine life and they also get the kids get involved.

Episode 3

This week on the show its all about getting out of your comfort zone as Nicky takes two fisher chicks out to the 500m mark and get them deep dropping for bluenose and some other deep water species.

Episode 4

Nicky is in the river with expert fly fisherman Steve Greaney targeting rainbow trout & brown trout in the stunning Marlborough Region on NZ. Fish virtually commit suicide when they see these two coming.

Episode 5

Two girls vs snapper! Nicky has decided to give back to one of those organisations who is always looking out for us recreational fishos… so she is taking out Beth, who has been a volunteer for Coastguard of more than 7 years. They're on a mission to get Beth a snapper worth writing home about!

Episode 6

Nicky is live baiting in the Bay of Plenty with NOMAD Sportsfishing’s Ben Pokia. Kingfish are the target species, featuring deep dropped Jac Macs.

Episode 7

Nicky is spearfishing in the Queen Charlotte Sounds within the Marlborough Sounds with Will Porter, a local lad who jumps in or on the water every chance he gets. The duo target Blue Moki, Bluecod, butterfish, kina the size of dinner plates and much more.

Episode 8

Nicky is fishing with Hayley, a new boat owner who wants to to learn the low down on all things to do with snapper. These two take the Stabi out from Whangaroa Harbour and they come across a range of tasty treats, featuring snapper

Episode 9

This week its just the girls vs a marlin. Nicky & Mandy hit the water to get Mandy her first marlin. It doesn't come without a fight but the two ladies show how to get the job done

Episode 10

Nicky is learning from the best as she features a man who has caught more than 70 Swordfish in the past few years, Mr Red Gill Lures, Nathan Adams.

Episode 11

This week our girl Nicky is fishing with legendary fisho Amanda Moore. The duo tackle snapper and trevally in the far north of New Zealand

Episode 12

Nicky hits the water with one of her mates Jed. The deadly duo have marked some spots on the Furuno TZ touch and are seeing if they can produce some hapuku, bass and broadbill swordfish...

Episode 13

This week its rod vs spear with Nicky Sinden vs Gemma Shields from Wettie. At the end of the episode the girls cook up their tasty treats... who will win? We shall see...