Season 4

Episode 1

Kicking off the new season Nicky hits the water with Kurt Bennetto, a professional deckhand who has worked on game boats all around the world. The two deploy a live bait and come face to face with an angry Marlin in New Zealands Northland Fishing playground, Whangaroa

Episode 2

Nicky and her friend Teneille fish around Great Barrier Island targeting snapper, in search for the perfect fish to mount its jaws. Teneille smashes her personal best snapper and Nicky hits the motherload

Episode 3

Nicky and Candice are in beautiful Vava’u Tonga with the legendary Steve Campbell fishing aboard his boat Marlin Magic, and thats exactly what it delivers.

Episode 4

Nicky invites 8 year old Luca Farmilo to come and live bait for kingfish out of Whangaroa Harbour. She shares her tips on easy ways to fish with the kids and Luca almost gets railed by some decent kingies!

Episode 5

After a phone call from Elephant Fish legend Matt Stone, Nicky jumps on a plane down to Canterbury to target this elusive species

Episode 6

This week Nicky is fishing Great Barrier Island with one of its fifth and sixth generation hardcore fisherman, Travis Munday. The duo hit the snapper infested waters and track down some tasty treats

Episode 7

We're fishing the pristine waters of Niue Island with legendary fishing brothers Paul Pasisi & Brendon Pasisi. Each spend half the day fishing with Nicky and it ends up being fishing mayhem

Episode 8

We take an in-depth look into New Zealand's largest fishing tournament. The owner, Candice Lawson, has brought Nicky Sinden in to help pull together the 2017 event.

Episode 9

Check out the epic capture of the 361kg World Record Broadbill Swordfish. This fish has also been confirmed as "the largest Broadbill ever caught by a woman and is one of the heaviest Broadbill caught of all time" according to the IGFA

Episode 10

Nicky invites two Mangawhai local ladies to join her to fish their backyard targeting John Dory and Snapper with live baits

Episode 11

Nicky and Gaz Whiter jump off the Extreme Boat and fish off the bricks in Northland targeting delicious snapper

Episode 12

Nicky jumps onboard Bwana on a 'boys trip' targeting marlin. They tag and release 57 marlin in an unforgettable trip.

Episode 13

Nicky hits the water with her friend Louise Ingle, targeting Southern Bluefin Tuna down the East Cape in Waihau Bay. The duo tackle the fast, hard fighting and tasty Tuna while also being put through their paces.