Season 5

Episode 1

Nicky takes a group of girls fishing in the inaugural Ahipara Ladies Tournament, targeting marlin on both the east and west coasts in the Far North. But they get more than they bargain for when a giant yellowfin tuna smashes one of their lures, and angler Amanda has her work cut out lifting a stubborn fish that’s as big as she is.

Episode 2

Heading to Kawhia, Nicky teams up with local youngster Tim to target springtime snapper on a rare calm day off the usually wild west coast. Tim shares his hard-earned local fishing knowledge with Nicky, and with the snapper on the chew, they waste no time getting a big variety of tasty table fish on ice.


Episode 3

The second instalment of Nicky’s epic trip to the Wanganellas - a remote offshore reef with a reputation as the holy grail of striped marlin fishing. And it doesn’t disappoint, with multiple hook-ups and over 50 marlin caught and released for the trip. Nicky even gets her hands on the leader, letting the boys take over as presenters. Will they sink or swim? Better tune in to find out!

Episode 4

Nicky loves to take girls fishing who wouldn’t normally get the chance, and in this episode she spends a hilarious day fishing with friends Rachelle and Anthea, taking them out over the Raglan bar and well out of their comfort zone in a quest to catch them some personal bests.

Episode 5

With more guests than she’s ever hosted on the show before, Nicky heads to the tropical blue waters of Vava’u, Tonga with 15 gas fitters and plumbers - most of whom have never been game fishing before. They’ve been shouted a trip by Chesters Plumbing and Bosch Hot Water & Heating, and the pressure is on legendary captain Steve Campbell to win the tournament for the team on his boat, Blue Marlin Magic.

 Episode 6

Mackenzie ‘Macka’ Stewart is a 16-year-old Taranaki girl who just loves fishing, and in this episode she’s buzzing about heading out with Nicky to strayline big baits for hard-fighting Taranaki snapper. The fishing keeps getting better and better, until Macka nails the big one - but will it be her first to tip the scales over the magical 20lb mark?

Episode 7

This week Nicky takes the show ‘over the ditch’ to fish Exmouth in Western Australia, where she teams up with mad-keen fisherwoman Hayley Dellar. After checking out the spectacular scenery and local wildlife, the pair are hooked up with an Extreme Boat and set out to target marlin for the day. Hayley’s local knowledge and Nicky’s Red Gill lures are a match made in heaven, and it’s not long before the action starts!

Episode 8

Nicky tests the old adage that you should ‘fish your feet first’, when she takes 80-year-old Mangawhai local Hazel fishing, just minutes from the boat ramp. Hazel loves fishing so much she’s ditched church to head out with Nicky for the day. Just as well “God loves a fisherman”, as Hazel says! And the fishing gods are smiling on them too, with plenty of fish providing food and fun on their light Shimano gear in the shallows.

Episode 9

Hitting Arno Bay on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Nicky heads out with local legend and charter captain ‘Fuzz’ to target hard-scrapping snapper and snook. Along the way Nicky learns about some of the many delicious table fish and crustacean species available in this unique fishery, and rounds off a successful day’s fishing with a good old fashioned Aussie cook-up.

Episode 10

The Mokau Trench off Taranaki is a magnet for tasty deep water critters. But it takes a serious boat to get there, so Nicky teams up with Rowan in his custom-built 11m Extreme - built for rugged, west coast conditions. Just as well the monsters of the Mokau Trench are no match for their Shimano gear, which makes light work of big, tasty hapuka.

Episode 11

While visiting Exmouth in Western Australia, there’s no way Nicky could pass up the opportunity to fish with legendary captain Eddy Lawler of Peak Sportfishing Adventures. Targeting marlin and sailfish using tease-and-switch techniques, as well as Nicky’s trusty Red Gill Lures, the fishing is as hot as the temperatures in this spectacular part of the world.

Episode 12

In the second instalment of her South Australian adventure in Arno Bay, Nicky tries her hand at targeting some of the more unusual inshore species, including King George whiting, squid and blue swimmer crabs. While Arno Bay usually attracts visitors for its monster snapper, Nicky is keen to learn from the locals about the fish they target for the table. Join Nicky as she learns new techniques to catch - and cook - some of Australia’s finest.

Episode 13

Descending on the remote East Cape settlement of Waihau Bay for the annual southern bluefin tuna run, Nicky takes her mate Helen out for some winter gamefishing in the explosive final episode of the season. With the Red Gill Lures in the water for just five minutes, the girls don’t have to wait long before the battle with a giant tuna commences!