Season 6

Episode 1

Sensing Murder star Kelvin ‘KC’ Cruickshank has a passion - and a gift - for catching big snapper. Heading to Doubtless Bay in the Far North, KC puts his senses to the test tracking down big moochers. He puts Nicky right on the spot for an epic straylining session she’ll never forget, nailing not one, not two, but three fish over the magical 20lb mark.

Episode 2

Ex-commercial fisherman turned Red Gill lure maker - Nathan Adams doesn’t give his hard-earned knowledge away easily, so when he offered to take Hayley & I to his no-fail Hapuka, Bass and Bluenose spots, it was an offer that we just could not turn down.

Episode 3

Where does Nicky Sinden and her husband Matt go on their honeymoon? Fishing in Florida with legendary sword fisherman Captain Nick Stanczyk of course. She’s on a mission to put her husband Matt onto his first swordfish, and she couldn’t have picked a better skipper to get the job done. Tune in to see all the swordfish action, and watch to the end to see Nicky almost get eaten by a shark!

Episode 4

Ditching the schedule, Nicky and her old fishing buddy Mandy Kupenga head to Houhora in the Far North to target big snapper with softbaits. They’ve got the inside word that the fish are on the chew, and it's clear they're in for a good session when Mandy’s first cast produces a whopper. She’ll just have to get it past the taxman first!


Episode 5

Teaming up with her mate Rachelle, Nicky heads to the spectacular island of Niue for the local fishing association’s annual tournament. This rugged and remote South Pacific atoll is a hotspot for tasty game fish like yellowfin and wahoo, and things are looking good for the all-girl team when they get a triple hook-up in the first five minutes fishing.

 Episode 6


After her awesome honeymoon fishing trip in Florida, Nicky invites legendary US charter fisherman Captain Nick Stanczyk to New Zealand in search of the elusive Kiwi swordfish. Having pioneered daytime sword fishing in the US, Nick has a few tried-and-tested tricks to share, and the results might shock you! Tune in to see how they get on.


Episode 7

This week Nicky flies in to Fiordland for an epic live-aboard fishing and diving trip in one of New Zealand’s most untouched marine environments. This incredibly special place is a mecca for hunter gatherers, as the waters are chokka with delicious fish and shellfish like blue cod, hapuku and crayfish. So it doesn't take the crew long to hook into a tasty dinner.

Episode 8

Straylining the shallows at night can produce some stonker snapper. Together with LegaSea advocate Mandy Kupenga, Nicky gets back to this grassroots Kiwi fishing style with an evening session out of Houhora in the Far North. As the sun goes down the fishing heats up, and the girls are in for a busy evening catching and releasing some superb fish.

Episode 9

Going fishing with no bait or berley on board would have been unthinkable not so long ago. But that’s exactly what Nicky and her friend Nat are doing this week on a trip to Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf. Armed only with lures, the girls have to land enough fish for a big family dinner that night. Can they catch a meal using only metal? Tune in to find out.

Episode 10

Nicky is out of action after surgery, so she calls in a couple of girlfriends to host the show for her. Stand-in hosts Helen and Amanda head to Houhora to target one of Nicky’s favourite eating fish - the John Dory. Their challenge? To catch these strange-looking but delicious fish in as many different ways as possible.

Episode 11

In part 2 of their Niue fishing adventure, Nicky and Rachelle get right out of their comfort zones and try their luck at traditional Niuean Vaka fishing. The girls paddle their wooden Vaka out to over 150m depth, and drop their hand lines right down to the bottom in search of the big one. It’s exhausting work, but it’s all worthwhile when that line comes tight.

Episode 12

Nicky sets out on a land based adventure near the top of the North Island, with local fisherman Owen Clark and fellow fishing addict Kelvin ‘KC’ Cruickshank. After landing some good fish with the old school surf casters, it’s time to see if the latest beach fishing gadgets can drop those baits right on top of a big moocher snapper.

Episode 13

Waihau Bay provides the setting for a battle of epic proportions in this week’s episode, as Nicky plays a southern bluefin tuna for an agonising six hours on 15kg line. But before she sets off, Nicky sits down with tuna expert John Holdsworth to find out what his research can reveal about these incredible fish and how to catch them.