The Extreme 795 Game King


All Extreme Boats are serious off-shore boats featuring the deepest V-Hull design on the market which has been developed based on proven hull technology. their boats boast fine entry for high-speed head sea performance, while retaining a high chine with full shoulder for excellent sea-handling. 

Combine the Extreme Boat Deep Vee hull design with a pair of very large aft chine flats and you get excellent stability and unmatched performance in a following sea. Add to this a flooding keel and, whether at rest or full-throttle you can be confident of a very stable, soft, dry ride. 

The New honda 250 is not only quiet and smooth but its unbelievably fuel efficeint giving us a huge range and the reliability to get us home safe on those big missions!

The set up includes 500L of fuel, Large live bait tank, Cork flooring, a comfortable spacious cabin layout with user friendly deck space and fishing accessories. "My new Extreme Game king with 250hp Honda sitting on Northland Boating Trailer , Is my dream boat package". - Nicky Sinden